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Business Manager
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  • Clay Cordell

    Continuing Mental Illness Conversation

    When we talk about issues of mental health in current U.S. culture, we have a problem of trivializing legitimate disorders through our vocabulary while simultaneously often not taking these issues …

  • Clay Cordell

    Take Care of Yourselves

    It is that time of the semester — crunch time is upon us. Everyone is tired, students and professors alike. We are almost all some degree of overwhelmed, and for …

  • Canvas


    A clutch of hair is puffed out of place on the squirrel’s upper back, giving her tufty ears a companion Her auburn tail twitches as she digs for grubs The …

  • Canvas

    “Go Out to the Shed…”

    Wasps drone threateningly above the door               hovering and zipping around a nest under construction You do your best to ignore them               turn the tiny key, twist the handle, swing the …

  • Canvas

    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34… 420

    Weed Green Reefer Mary Jane Wacky Tobaccy Bubonic chronic, the ganja Left-handed cigs, Devil’s lettuce This, my dear readers, is golden-green Fibonacci poetry on marijuana And for what it is …

  • Canvas

    A Jung Mandala

    cycles, circles, all together center star splashes outward colors carnal, bright and muted twisting, intricate honeysuckle-vine undulant waves of writhing, rolling stripes and strings tangled snakes of varying hues, hieroglyphics …