Moments of colors
Fading into grey
Feeling like an “other”
Not knowing what to say

Feeling like a cloud
Yet empty
Thoughts whispering loud
Everything’s hazy

Emotions swirl
As they have dead weight
The pain is real
It’s hard to abate

Looking for sunshine
On a cloudy day
It’s hard to find
But “not impossible” I say

Sometimes you find
Sunshine in your pocket
You forgot you shoved it there

But now you got it

Hold on to the fragments
And pieces of sunshine
They’re heaven sent
Almost divine

Sunshine means hope
Sunshine means Joy
When at the end of your rope
Negative thoughts you employ

Don’t be a stagnant host
For a cloud
Don’t let it be a parasite
Shut it down

Make a choice
Make a decision
You’re going to rejoice
You’re going to win

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