the sky settles in around us,
heaving a sigh as it sinks into
its mountainous armchair—
another day of immensity in the books,
another day of being close enough
to kiss and far enough to spread into
our best understanding of forever—
forever seems so small sometimes, like
when you look at me and say, “I could sit here
with you on this porch forever,
as long as we don’t run out of strawberry
ice cream,” but most days forever
is as untouchable as that look you get
in your raindrop eyes
when you’re thinking about the future
and your place in it—or just as
unfathomable as the sky—
how do you grasp the sky?
Yes. the sky. look up, look in,
the sky, which is currently drooping
like a blanket over our shoulders.
Yes. I could sit here forever
with you too.

Sports Information Intern

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