As the pink sky faded into dusk, students flocked to the sand volleyball courts for the spikeball tournament. The event was not only for students who wanted to play and watch spikeball, but also for taco lovers. Students arrived promptly at 7 p.m. to make it into the taco line first.

As the first games began, students littered the hill by Roselawn, watching the first matches and filling their bellies with tacos. “I came here for the tacos. I like watching spikeball, but I came here for the tacos,” senior Kate Weaver said.

Senior Abby Musser shared a similar sentiment. “I don’t understand the game. I just came out here to eat and talk.”

Senior Abe Hartzler not only played in the competition but also enjoyed the tacos. “[I mostly came for] the taco truck but I am a casual spikeball player. It’ll be fun to play a competitive game or two and then go home full of tacos,” he said.

The bracket of 20 teams was single elimination. Each match between two teams was best of three and they played to 21. After the first two rounds, games were played to 15.

Before the tournament, junior Andrew Troyer was confident he and his teammate junior Riley Kingsley would perform well. “There are a lot of good teams here, but I think we have a good shot,” said Troyer. At the end of the tournament, his claim proved true. He and Kingsley defeated seniors Andry Stutzman and Perry Blosser in two sets.

Allie Sawyer

Editor in Chief

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