There are no shortage of problems facing our world, and by extension, our generation. We are being prepared for a world that is, on the whole, broken. There are many wonderful people working for many good causes, but the reality is that climate change is very real, racism is alive, and international tensions are rising.

What are we doing about any of this? We are the generation that is receiving these problems, yet where is the dialogue about these problems on campus? Where is the outrage about the death of a woman protesting white supremacists only an hour away from our campus? Where is the unity behind those in our community who are experiencing fear of deportation? Where is the conversation about gun control and mass shootings? Where are the opinions of the students on this campus?

On a university campus, tough conversations are supposed to be the norm. We are not all going to have the same opinion or background, but that need not stop us from engaging each other about issues that are all too real, as seen with the 59 people killed in Las Vegas earlier this week. As a senior at EMU, I wish there were more students engaging in conversations surrounding political, justice, spiritual, and other issues.

This is a unique time in our life because of our peers and professors enveloping us. Use them. Create conversations and start learning to care about what is going on outside of this campus and your four years here at EMU. Because I can guarantee once we see on the other side of this bubble, these problems will be waiting for us to be solved.

EMU can be your testing ground — what works and what does not. Learn how to engage people and encourage conversation so that when the time comes, you will not have to start from scratch.

Katrina Poplett

Contributing Writer

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