I do not literally mean we need to eat dirt, although if that is your inclination, go right ahead. I mean that we have to re-incorporate germs into our society. We have this unhealthy idea that if we are constantly clean, then we will never get sick, so we use things like hand sanitizer and antibiotics liberally. This has resulted in two major problems within modern-day humanity — at least within first world countries.

The first is that because we use antibiotics so often and in such high amounts, super bacteria have evolved. This is due to factory farming methods; namely giving the animals large doses of antibiotics so they do not die of infection in the disease-ridden pens. This has caused the bacteria that come in contact with them to develop resistance to the drugs and thus can only be killed by ridiculously strong antibiotics. We have certain types of drugs kept in reserve for just these occasions. Because they are not used for anything else the bacteria have no chance to develop an immunity. However, even these drugs are starting to be used in farming in nations such as India, so we may not have this safeguard for long.

The other reason this is an unhealthy habit is much more personal. Without our immune systems interacting with bacteria, they do not develop resistance to them. Thus, when a bug comes along it is more likely to make us sick than it previously would have. The sickness caused is also much more likely to be deadly than before super bacteria evolved.

My main purpose for providing this information is for awareness. We need to be aware that many systems within our society, and indeed our world, are negatively affecting humanity in the long run. Yes, they worked for a while and allowed us to live comfortable lives with a lot of surplus, but they have proven to be detrimental and indeed dangerous. If our farming system continues down this road, it will not end well for humanity, as we are setting ourselves up for a plague to evolve and rip through civilization.

I do not have a definite call to action when it comes to such a large issue. The agricultural industries of the world affect every sector of society, and thus must be combated from every angle if they are to be changed.

Do what you will with this information, but please do something.

Thoreau Zehr

Copy Editor

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