Junior David Shafer is new to Eastern Mennonite University, but he is definitely not new to the game of soccer.

The EMU men’s team had an exciting week with two high-scoring wins against Emory & Henry and Guilford. During these games, Shafer was a driving force, racking up two goals and three assists to figure into five of the team’s 12 scores.

“I feel like we’re all playing as a team now,” Shafer said, following these games. “We’re gelling as a team, and it’s a crucial time for us, you know, very crucial point in the season … this is the perfect time for us to gel.”

Coach Roger Mast appreciates what David has brought to the team this season.

“David has come in and made an immediate impact on the men’s soccer team,” Coach Mast said. “He is definitely an attack-minded player who has the ability to break down defenders and create scoring opportunities for himself and for his teammates.”

Shafer has not had the typical college journey. He is a junior transfer student, and he played at two different D-I schools before he arrived on the campus of Eastern Mennonite University.

“I tend not to focus too much on the past,” Shafer said. “I’m very grateful for those two schools, for what they did for me. But I just try to focus on my time here at EMU now. I’m blessed to be part of the team. All of the guys have been very welcoming.”

Shafer found out about EMU over the summer, when he was playing with teammember junior Dominic Powers.

“And here I am!” Shafer said. “It all happened in the span of like a week.”

However, Shafer’s pre-season conditioning did not go exactly according to plan.

“Funny story about that,” Shafer said. “Over the summer, I actually broke my ankle playing for this team. So I had zero preparation. Literally the week, two days before our preseason started, I was cleared to actually run again.”

But things are looking up for Shafer.

“I am finally catching my form of play,” he explained, “and it’s perfect because now our team is, too. Just good timing.”

Soccer has been a part of Shafer’s life since he was four or five years old.

“When I was younger, my older brother played. He was just a role model to me. Both my uncles as well played professionally … they just brought me into the game, and I grew up playing from there.”

Shafer is studying business administration, and he has not decided what life will look like after graduation.

“Hopefully if it’s the plan, I’ll play. If not, I’ll look to use my degree the best way possible,” Shafer said.

In his free time, Shafer likes to listen to music, watch movies, and try new food. “And hang out with my puppies,” he said. “I have two chocolate labs back home. So whenever I’m not busy I like to hang out with them, take them to the dog park, just chill.”

There may not be much free time while it is soccer season, and Shafer is completely focused on the game.

“Coming up to playoffs, we need to collect all the points we can to get the best seed in the conference,” Shafer said. “That’s our goal.” Shafer continues to look to the future of his soccer career at EMU.

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